Peer Reviewers

The peer reviewer plays an essential role in the selection of manuscripts that will be published. The Editors read the manuscripts and forward them to at least two peer reviewers. The author’s identity is not revealed to the reviewer.

Peer reviewers will provide the Editors with specific and detailed comments on such topics as manuscript content, APA referencing, writing style, grammar, format and length. The reviewer comments will be forwarded to authors indicating, if necessary, ways in which the manuscript is to be revised. All reviewers will receive detailed guidelines to assist their review of manuscripts.

Some of the reviewer's names follow:

Paul Adrian

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, Australia

Mark Battista

Guide Dogs Association of SA and NT Inc., Australia

Tom Blair

Association for the Blind, Western Australia

Dr Laura Bozeman

University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA

Julia Budd

Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand

Dr Jennifer L. Cmar

University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Dr Lil Deverell

Guide Dogs Victoria, Australia

Andrew Downie

Adaptive Technologies, Centre for Learning Innovation
NSW Department of Education and Training, Australia

Carina Duke

Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind, Christchurch, New Zealand

Marc Gillard

Guide Dogs for the Blind Inc., California, USA

April Harris

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, Australia

Allison Hayes

Former Guide Dogs Association of SA and NT Inc., Australia

Beth Helmers

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, Australia

Jeremy Hill

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, Australia

Errol Ingram

Mobility Consultant

Dean Johnson

Guide Dogs Victoria, Australia

Ray Joyce

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, Australia

Kate Kerr

Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind, Christchurch, New Zealand

Dr Janice Lloyd

James Cook University, Townsville, Qld, Australia

Plaxy McCulloch

Vision Australia, Victoria

Rachel Morgan

Guide Dogs Victoria, Australia

Nikki Murray

Department of Education, Training and the Arts, Queensland, Australia

Susan O’Mealley

Guide Dog Instructor, Queensland, Australia

Regina Renfree

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, Australia

Helen Riorden

Guide Dogs Queensland, Australia

Doug Ritchie

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, Australia

Dona Sauerburger

O&M Specialist, Maryland, USA

Dr Bronwen Scott

Independent Options for Mobility, Australia

Pat Thompson

O&M Specialist, Queensland, Australia

Zhichao Yu

Lavelle School for the Blind, NY, USA