2012 Journal - Hardcopy


  • Welcome: Maryanne Diamond
  • Editorial: Dr Desiree Gallimore And Dr Mike Steer


  • Orientation and Mobility Challenges Around the World
  • The Effectiveness of Deaf-Blind Pedestrians Warning Signage on Drivers' Behaviour
  • Transforming Training in Orientation and Mobility: Examining the Effect Using an Audiolink on the Distance Between Trainer and Trainee
  • Whose Learning is it? Fostering Student Ownership in Orientation & Mobility

Practice Reports:

  • Introducing Echolocation into O&M University Courses for Professionals
  • The Spring Loaded "Willins" Cane
  • Providing Orientation and Mobility Services to People from Chinese Backgrounds in Sydney, Australia
  • Stigma, Embarrassment and the Use of Mobility Aids

Book Reviews

  • The Multisensory Handbook: A Guide for Children and Adults with Sensory Learning Disabilities
  • Blind Courage: Reflections of a Guide Dog Instructor in England, Australia, and New Zealand


  • The Simplified Information Mobility and Orientation (SIMO) Project


  • AER International Orientation & Mobility Conference 2013, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  • The 11th International Conference on Low Vision 2014, Melbourne, Australia, March 31-April 3