2009 Journal - Hardcopy


  • Welcome: Dr Sandra Rosen
  • Editorial: Dr Desiree Gallimore And Dr Mike Steer


  • Selecting Attractor Sounds for Audio-Based Navigation by People with Vision Impairments
  • A Comparison of Selected Secondary Electronic Travel Aids with a Primary Mobility System
  • Effectiveness of the SoundFlash Device in Enhancing Non-Visual Spatial Perception
  • A Focus Group Discussion on Using Guide Dogs

Practice Reports:

  • Colour and Fashion: Evolution of the Mobility Cane
  • TrekAbout Adelaide: One Agency's Experience of Introducing GPS Technology to O&M Services
  • An Overview of GPS Systems and Adaptations: Implications for the Older User with Vision Impairment


  • AMC2010: 4th Australian Orientation and Mobility Conference, Sydney, Australia
  • 8th National Deafblind Conference, Melbourne, Australia
  • IMC14 International Mobility Conference 2012, Palmerston North, New Zealand