2011 Journal - Hardcopy


  • Welcome: Dr Neurit Neustadt
  • Editorial: Dr Desiree Gallimore And Dr Mike Steer


  • The Centrality of O&M in Rehabilitation Programs Designed to Enhance Quality of Life: A Structural Equation Modelling Analysis
  • Opinions by People with Vision Impairment about Wanting or not Wanting Guide Dogs
  • Orientation and Mobility Involvement with Scooter Travel in Australasia

Practice Reports:

  • Mobility as a Means to an End: Acquiring Valued Social Roles
  • Substantial New Monies Into National Orientation & Mobility Services Development: The Game and Play of Public Policy Implementation
  • Getting More than Mobility
  • O&M Environmental Complexity Scale
  • Trekker Breeze 2.0: Trialled by Clients
  • An Echolocation Training Package
  • Developing an Open Source Sonar Navigation Device

Book Review:

  • Orientation and Mobility: Techniques for Independence, (2nd Edition): Revised and Expanded


  • International Mobility Conference, 2012, Palmerston North, New Zealand