2015 Journal - Download Only


  • Welcome: Dr Steve La Grow
  • Editorial: Dr Desirée Gallimore & Dr Mike Steer

Research Reports:

  • The Applicability of the Difficulty with Mobility Questionnaire (DMQ) as an Outcome Measure for Guide Dog Instruction
  • Feasibility and Acceptability of Orientation and Mobility Instructors Delivering the LiFE Falls Prevention Program to Older People with Vision Impairme
  • Teaching Orientation and Mobility Skills to Students with Autism and Vision Impairment in Public Schools: A Data-Based study

Practice Reports:

  • Student Portfolios in O&M: A Window into the Child’s Learning Experience
  • Using Music and Applied Behaviour Analysis to Introduce an Adaptive Mobility Device to a Student with Multiple Disabilities: A Case Study
  • iPhone Video Link Face Time as an Orientation Tool: Remote O&M for People with Vision Impairment
  • Providing Travel Instruction to Individuals with Disabilities Other Than Blindness: A Practitioner’s Perspective
  • Effective Mobility Framework: A Tool for Designing Comprehensive O&M Outcomes Research
  • A Clock-Face Method of Outdoor Scanning and Tracking Using Sports Cones: A Case Study of a Client with Post-Stroke Visual Field Loss

Book Reviews

  • Basic Spanish for Orientation and Mobility: A Phrase Book and Dictionary
  • Along Came Henry: A Guide Dog Story (Children’s book)